How do you choose a great male masturbator?

First of all, think about what kind of stimulation you want. A great male masturbator, in my opinion, is something that can bring as much pleasure as your partner can do. The male sex toys don’t just get you off but also get you going. Last but not least, the material is another factor. Most male masturbators are made of TPE or silicone. Make sure you have sufficient knowledge.

What is the best male masturbator?

It depends. HoneyBunny male masturbators can meet your needs. They are hand-free, automatic, and will surely bring you incredible moments while alone or on a trip.

How to clean a male masturbator?

Our male masturbator cups are detachable. That means that it is easier to clean. Put it under the warm water and use some mild soap to clean it. After drying, you can put it back into the container.