This is a self-retracting rotating masturbator with a classic color scheme. The entrance of the masturbator is a magnetic lid, which gives you the feeling of opening a tech product when you open the lid. It looks very cool and gives a sense of technology. It has more patterns than normal masturbators, and designs can be stacked. You will enjoy an unprecedented experience.

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Thrusting + Rotation + Crit

This men’s masturbator features 11 intense modes of swirling rotating sensations, with an up and down stroking action. Sex needs a rhythm, and the regular thrusting pattern will quickly make you feel tired. However, perfect rhythm changes can give you more freshness. Equipped with a more powerful motor, you no longer have to worry about engine jams during use. Try to perform wild and intense training under fast thrust. How long can you hold on?

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Lifelike Feel 

With its excellent elasticity and material, the inner sleeve will please you as you like. It is non-toxic, odorless, safe, and soft, made of TPE, perfect for protecting your pen*s from injury. The sleeve’s internal firmness and detailed texturing combine to make a very intense experience for each session. Neither too tight nor too loose.

Make Cleaning Easier

The masturbation cup is detachable. It is easy to clean compared with a traditional masturbator. Put it under the warm water, and add some mild soap to clean. After drying, you can put it back into the masturbator.


  • Material: ABS + TPE
  • Rated working voltage: DC 3.7V
  • Battery capacity: 2100mAh
  • Machine working current: 2300mA
  • Quiescent current: ≤5uA
  • Continuous working time: 45-60min
  • Charge and discharge time: 50min
  • Noise: (silent room) 55dB/20CM
  • Standard: CE, UN38.3
  • Storage environment: normal temperature, dry
  • Use environment: 0-40℃


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