The automatic male masturbator gives you a whole new feeling. It has a super-soft chambered love tunnel, and the lifelike vaginas are like your partner wrapping your penis with her soft tongue. Once the masturbator starts sucking on your pole, you’re in for the deepthroating you’ve always wanted, and experience a natural, blowjob-like suction! What’s more exciting, the vibrating masturbator massages your penis with intense vibrations. The combination intensifies your sensation for more incredible thrills.

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5 Suction Modes & 7 Vibrations

This auto blowjob masturbator features 5-frequency suction modes and 7-frequency vibrations, everything you need to enjoy oral sex. Perfect for orgasms. Activate the toy at the touch of a button for various sensations and tons of fun where you want it!

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How to Clean It?

The vibrating masturbator cup is detachable. It is easy to clean compared with a traditional male masturbator. Put it under the warm water and add some mild soap to clean. After drying, you can put it back into the masturbator.


  • Materials: ABS, TPE, PU
  • Battery capacity: 500mah
  • Charging method: DC pin charging
  • Endurance: 45-60min
  • Charging time: 90min
  • Noise: 50dB/30CM (silent room)
  • Standard: ROHS, CE
  • Storage environment: normal temperature, dry
  • Use environment: 0-40℃


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