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Discreet Shipping & 1 Year Warranty & Customer Support:

17LB Torso Sex Doll

4 reviews
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$96.99 - $96.99
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✔ An entire lifelike torso here and ready to show you a wild time. With pert boobs, a slim waist, inviting lips, tempting vagina and beautiful bum, you can run your hands over her sumptuous flesh, squeezing her bountiful breasts and dive into her pussy or ass to experience an enhanced pleasure!

✔ This sex doll features two completely separate tunnels for a distinct sensation depending on which one you choose. Her vagina is lined with ticklers and teasers for a stimulating massage. Her backdoor is covered with ribs and nubs for a super-tight squeeze sure to drive you wild!

✔ This male stroker is made from TPE material to give it the same look and feel of skin for the most lifelike experience possible. Squeeze her breasts, grab hold of her super-soft, supple skin, you can't even tell the difference when you close your eyes.

✔ Male Masturbator Filled with wildly textured walls, laced with ridges and nubs, this realistic masturbator offers incredibly lifelike stimulation that mimics the sensation of intercourse, slide inside and let her squeeze and please you with every thrust!queeze and please you with every thrust!

✔ An entire lifelike torso is yours to adore, this hefty masturbator weighs over 17 pounds with molded skeleton in her back, which makes her stable enough for hands-free fun!

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What an upgrade

I've previously used just the 5 lbs doll waist version from Paloqueth. Compared to that, this product blows it away! Such a soft and inviting feel to touch. Feels great to hold onto by the waist while in use or by its shoulders. The bracket inside giving the spine frame is way different from Paloqueth's other products. Very sturdy and the added weight provides something great to thrust against. Like the waist version, both holes provided great feel and tightness. The added option to enjoy playing with **** provide more fun and enjoyment. Ample lube usage for all three areas provides incredible feel and pleasure. Easy enough to clean and dry with toy cleaner or mild soap and water. The included absorbent stick in the box is a very welcome addition for helping with drying the insides of the doll. As always, appreciate discreet packaging. Absolutely recommend! What a fun treat.

Joe H.

Awesome Torso. Get it!

The first thing you notice is the weight. 17 pounds may not sound like much to you, but it's incredibly surprising how much weight that is in a toy. That means keeping it in place isn't much of a problem at all. It also means it can be on top of you with some pretty impressive downforce and pushback. The outside is very soft and supple. The shape is very nice and the surface is very smooth. Just like any toy made of this material, you'd be wise to use renewing powder to keep it smooth and soft and not tacky. These types of toys don't start picking up dirt and hair until you let them get gummy from not taking care of them. So, after you wash it, use renewing powder. Honestly, if you wanna save some money, you can use cornstarch. It's the exact same thing and a fraction of the cost. Wash, pat dry with a towel and dust with cornstarch. You can find powdered sugar shakers on Amazon that have a screen sifter that make a great applicator, as it just dusts it and you can rub it in a bit better with a clean hand. If you don't wanna spring for one of those, putting a few tablespoons of cornstarch in the bottom of a thin sock and tapping the sock against the toy will dust it with the right amount too. I spent so much time talking about that because taking care of your toy is a huge deal. This doesn't feel cheaply made like it's going to just fall apart on you. But if you don't take care of it, it will ruin just like any other. That takes me to cleanup. It's really not tjst hard. Inconvenient if you're tired or in a hurry? Maybe, yeah. I have a detachable shower head and purchased "New Style Nozzle Shower 3 Heads Aluminum Cleaner Cleansing Colonic ****** System Cleaner(Silver)" made by Absok. If you have a detachable shower head, it's cheaper than flimsly platic cleaning kits made for these toys and WAY more durable and looks cool. So cleanup is taking it into the bathroom, ******** that attachment to my detachable showerhead's hose and rinsing.Then I'll use some soap real quick and rinse again thoroughly and then towel off with a large anti lint microfiber cloth I bought, put the drying tube that came with the torso in the canal and put it up. Ready to go next time. The detail is very good. All of the parts actually look attractive and not overly done or exaggerated. The two tunnels have different textures from one another. I'm not all that sensitive, but I can tell the difference in the texture of the 2 entrances. If I were asked to pick a favorite, I don't think I could. That's just because they both feel amazing, but they both have their own feel. I'm not sure how to make that make sense. In addition the the different texture, the back side is very noticeably tighter and more snug. It also has a bit of a tugging like suction feel to it, which is absolutely amazing. The front tunnel (I don't know what amazon will allow me to say in a review, so I'm using safe terms here) is still tight, but it's different. It hugs and caresses like the real thing. Not like some overly tight rubber band that just gets you there in a hurry but doesn't feel real. I think the texture along with the realistic amount of grip/pressure is perfect for this entry. With the weight and the size (more on size later) more things are opened to you than what they are with one of the handheld sleeves. Of course you can put the thing on it's back or even it's front and get on top, but you can also lay it on the edge of your bed or a table and stand while using it. You do still have to hold it just a bit to keep it from moving away, depending on the surface, but for the most part, the weight keeps it in place and makes it much more effortless. Let's be honest, you're going to be holding onto the ******* anyway. You can put it on its side and "spoon" it from behind, or front if you want, and it really holds its own. Like I mentioned earlier, it actually works very well being on top. Ok, size. It's a torso toy. So, it's not a full body. It measures true to the product specs in the picture in the product description. So, 16.5 inches from the very bottom to the very top. It's just a little over 7 in a half inches wide at the base, which seems to be the widest point. It's nearly 6.5 inches thick at the base, where it counts. It's thicker up top where the ******* are, but the base thickness is important because you're likely going to be laying on that part and it matters how far up off the bed (or floor or table) it is. With this thickness, the canals seem to be positioned just right for what you need to do when you're on top, either from front or back. In comparison, I always had to put my fleshlight and similar toys in a pillow and fold the pillow over it to add the right amount of thickness and to be able to angle the canal at a natural and workable angle. None of this has to be done with this torso. It's ready to go out of the box. All that said, it's not really a 1:1 of an average adult human torso. Lining up the bottom of the toy with where it's in



This was the first time trying out a doll and I was very excited. I had read a lot of reviews and this one stood out especially since its the Version 2 from the same company. I have to say it holds up. The box comes in a brown Amazon package so very discreet. And the Black box inside just has the brand name on it and nothing more. Once you open the box you get the doll, a complimentary small sized lube (which is great), and a drying stick to help after cleaning the doll. The only thing with the doll is the material picks up dirt and dust very easily. You have to clean it off often, even parts you havent used. Using a normal wash cloth with just some water helps and add a little soap if you want to sanitize. The doll has the metal inside which helps keep its form but it does really feel like 17LB. And certain positions make it feel heavier than it is. It isn't very bendy so I wouldn't recommend trying that because it'll damage the doll. I guess for maintaining it, rubbing it with baby oil and using baby powder often keeps it soft and stops the material from going bad. First time I have to maintain something like this so Im just doing whats recommended. It takes some extra time but the doll is great and its worth it. Any baby oil and baby powder will do so you can go to dollar tree and pick some up. I keep mine in my closet tucked away in a dry area. So far so good!


Worth the money! Very Realistic

The quality of the material is very good, and also quite durable. The extra weight gives it a natural and realistic feel. Definitely worth the money.