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Discreet Shipping & 1 Year Warranty & Customer Support:
Discreet Shipping & 1 Year Warranty & Customer Support:

Dita :9.25LB Mini Portable Sex Doll(Brand: Do Real Be Real)

by Tantaly
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$99.99 - $99.99
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✔ Super Light Body
Dita is light as a feather so you can have sex with her in any position you want. Because of her petite figure, you can easily take her out, store her, and make her become your happy partner in your leisure time.

✔ Cute Realistic Pussy
Although Dita is small in stature, her pussy and tunnels are cute and complete. So you can still enjoy the pleasure of sprint. Her both love holes are accessible, and only you decide which one to explore.

✔ Keeping your sex doll clean and well maintained is key to preserving the longevity of your new love doll. To ensure proper hygiene and longevity of your new doll, please use the following recommendations as a guideline.

✔ Product Cleaning
1. Install the portable sex doll washer.
2. Insert the tip with sprinkling holes into the tunnel.
3. Squeeze the bulb to let the warm water into the tunnel.
4. Shaking or squeezing out the water inside the doll.
5. Gently insert the drying stick with the rounded end.
6. Use a Soft Cloth to gently pat down the doll's skin.

✔ Product Maintenance
1. Avoid using any old cleaning agent.
2. Keep away from sharp objects.
3. Dry with care.
4. Keep in a cool dark place.
5. Stay in a straight lying position.
6. Apply some renewal powder on the skin.